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My 2016 Book Reviews

Exactly a year ago, I wrote my first annual review set (29 th of December, 2015, link ) for the twelve books that I read within the frames of the Goodreads reading challenge. Now, the 2016 aims are met too, and below you can find my spoiler-free brief impressions and recommendations (out of 5 stars) for the books read throughout the soon-to-be-the-past year (2016). Looking forward to where I will be taken in 2017! T he Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J. Levitin . Hard to describe or recommend such type of (self-improvement) books, since the level of usefulness is expected to be really dependent on what the reader looks for. For me, this book was exciting 1%, interesting 5%, fine 10%, and trivial 84% of time. Particularly interesting were the neuroscientific justifications behind some complex habits that are apparently hardwired and fixated in us through evolution. ( ★★ )   T au Zero by Poul Anderson . The cu