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Why Does Continuity Matter?

W hatever formulation we give to the purpose of life, all they become crashed if we drop out the principle of eternal continuity. It seems highly improbable to many of us that the consciousness of an individual has any form of existence after the biological end of life, so what I mean by the eternal continuity is neither the continuity of a single life, nor the continuity of a single biological linage. Eternal continuity of the cause-and-consequence stream in the collective knowledge (the Knowledge) is what should be the backbone to which a reasonable explanation of a purpose of life can be built. With a little twist on Futurama’s robot’s laugh at humans, who said that anything less than immortality is a complete waste of time, I do agree that anything less than an eternal continuity is a complete waste of time. We should all hope that, regardless how tiny the contribution of ours in the Knowledge is, it shall become a basis for another advancement, which will itself become a